5 Things You Deserve in a Relationship

Relationships aren’t easy- they’re hard work. Intertwining two lives is going to be messy. You are two completely different people with different needs and desires. If you want to have a life partner, there is going to have to be compromise. What I’m advocating, though, is that you don’t compromise too much. Don’t give up what you deserve. Some of these may sound obvious, but I know many people who have been in relationships where some, or all, of these were missing.


You deserve compassion. While there are many incredible things in life, there are also many tough things in life. Your partner should be steadfast by your side for both. You deserve someone who feels sympathy for you; your partner should have a hard time seeing you cry. You’re supposed to take care of each other. When you’re in a relationship, you always have someone to take on life with you. Even when you’re in an argument, you deserve for your partner to be sensitive towards your emotions. Love should be gentle and kind.


You deserve someone that lifts you up while you’re feeling down, but you don’t need someone who tells you “you did your best” when you get a D on a test. Your partner should encourage you to do better, to be more, to grow stronger. You need someone to push you towards your goals when you are slacking. You deserve someone who cares about your dreams, and helps drive you to reach them. Be with someone who will stay up late with you to talk through your insecurities, and who will help you get through them.


You deserve someone who can actively listen, and understand. Even when you disagree, you deserve someone who tries to understand your point of view. Empathy is important here. Your partner needs to be able to set their own feelings/thoughts aside, and try to put themselves in your shoes. You deserve someone who understands your emotions, and is willing to work through them with you. Be with someone who consciously tries to understand who you are, what you need, and how to give it to you.

Feeling Important

This one is plain and simple. You deserve to feel important. The right person will never make you feel like you aren’t _____ enough. You are incredible. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are important. Your partner should make you feel that way. You don’t ever deserve to feel like you need to improve a great deal for someone else to value you. It is your partner’s job to make you feel good about yourself- they should NOT be doing the opposite. Be with someone who makes you feel confident.


You deserve to laugh more than you cry. Your relationship should be fun. Life does have its hardships, and relationships are indeed hard- but day in and day out, it should feel good. Arguments are normal, but they should not be the norm. Your partner should be the one you can unwind with, the one you can be the goofiest with. Be with someone who you can be your home base- someone who will greet you with open arms when you want to run away. You deserve to laugh uncontrollably every single day. You deserve joy.

My dad once told me: “You are too young to compromise too much.”  I’ve always held that with me. The more I’ve thought about it, though, I’ve decided that no one, of any age, should compromise too much. You need and deserve what you need and deserve. Never settle for less.



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  1. Jadyn

    December 11, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    Your dad is a wise man <3

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