8 Questions to Ponder Before the New Year

While you’re laying around eating stale Christmas cookies trying to block out any potential existential crises that come in with the new year, here are some questions to further your existential crises. You’re welcome. Totally kidding (mostly)- but really, we need to ponder these questions to start a killer 2018.

What do I like about myself?

It’s easy at the end of the year to feel bummed that you didn’t quite hit all those resolutions from last year. Another year has passed, and you’re still the same as you were last year. Pondering all the things you aren’t proud of is a crappy way to start a new year. We need to enter the new year with a more positive mindset. It’s important to bump up that positivity by making a list of things you do like about yourself. If you think you’ll fail, you will.

Why do I hangout with who I hangout with? 

This can be a tough one to truly be honest with yourself- but, it’s really important. Over time, you become like who you spend your time with. When you spend a lot of time around someone, you start mimicking their personality traits. Do you want to be like the people around you? Try to find people that you aspire to be like, because the more time you spend with them, the more you’ll be like them.

Do I like my job?

Now, I know work is work, and very few people LOVE their jobs. What I’m asking is if you hate your job. Life is far too short to spend every day doing something you hate. If your job is making you hate waking up in the morning, put in your two weeks. Find something better. You don’t have to settle. Life is short- don’t waste it!!

Am I content with my workout routine?

Looking back on the year, do you like your workout routine? Are you content with how you treated your body? If not, now’s a good time to start changing that. You are in charge of your life- you are the one who decides how you spend your days. Have you been wanting to start working out more or regularly or at all? DO IT.

Who do I want to be?

You know how when you meet someone and they just seem perfect? Like you just want to be like them? Think about what you like about them. Think about how you want to portray yourself. With the new year coming, who do you want to be? What kind of person do you want people to see you as? What adjectives do you want to be described by? Pick some, and embody them. Be who you want to be.

Is my bedroom the best it could be?

Okay, I’m not asking if you’re room is filled with expensive things. I’m asking if your room is a good haven. The atmosphere in your bedroom is really important. Your bedroom is where you sleep every night, it’s where you go to be alone, it’s where you should feel the most comfortable. If it doesn’t feel that way, maybe try to make a few changes. It’s your place- it’s your home.

Do I make others feel good about themselves?

This one is pretty blatant. Do you make people feel good about themselves? I’m not talking generally, I’m talking about every single person you meet. Do you ever make anyone feel bad about themselves? (I’m guilty of this… I really want to work on this this year.) If so, check yourself. There are lots of crappy things that happen to people. Don’t let your presence be one of them. Always be kinder than necessary. 

Am I doing what I want to do?

Are you doing things because you want to? Are you doing things because everyone else is? Are you doing things because you think you should? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Deep down, what do YOU want to do? I know I say this a lot, but we only get 100 years!! We have got to make the most of them. You don’t get a do-over, so make sure at the end of your 100 years, you aren’t realizing that you lived your whole life for someone else.

Now what?

The new year is coming whether we like it our not. We can enter it angrily or we can enter it with a killer mindset. I’m all for self-improvement and goal setting and living the absolute BEST life possible. Join me. Whichever of these questions hit home for you, sit down and figure out why. Find a way to fix it. This year, let’s do better, be better.

Cheers to a killer 2018.


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