A Few of My Favorites

Olly Sleep Gummies

I take these every night. They taste AMAZING and really help.


The best tripod for a phone! It comes with a bluetooth remote.

Essential Oil Diffuser

This is the diffuser I use every day!

Lavender Essential Oil

This is the oil I diffuse every night before bed.

2018 Swimwear

LOVE the detail on this black onsie!

2018 Swimwear

I'm super into one-pieces this year, but I also always worry that my stomach will never get any sun... This is the perfect middle-ground. So cute and kinda old-fashioned!

Relatable AF Breakup Book

Best Break-up Book EVER.

Clay Face Mask

My Go-To Face Mask

Gradual Tanning Lotion

Because Fake-Baking is OUT

You Are a Badass

What I'm Reading Now

52 Lists for Happiness

One of my favorite ways to reflect each week!