What am I Focused on This Week?

Goals for the week:
  • Get a good, seven hours of sleep each night
  • Eat as clean as possible, very little carbs/processed food
  • Keep my bedroom clean
  • Stop at health center to fill prescription

First off- I have to admit that I am arguably the least organized person in the whole world. I have this INFP (shout out to the love of my psychology-major life: meyers-briggs) scatterbrain that focuses more on how I feel/important things in life rather than having a clean bedroom. I’m terrible at being organized because I see more value in spending time with friends, self-reflection, enjoying the short 100 years I’ve been given. I’m an INFP, so that’s fine…right? Not anymore, Jimmy. Not anymore. It’s time I stop justifying my messy life. Soooo, here we go.

Every week, I make a list of things to do. It always ends up with so many things to clean, so much studying to do, so many errands to run, etc. I get overwhelmed and end up doing two, maybe three things out of the whole big list. So this week, I’m trying something new- we are lowering our standards, folks. I’m going to argue that maybe that isn’t the worst thing. If I actually complete all four of these goals, then I’ll have been more successful than if I had a huge, overwhelming list.

I’m also going to plan out how I will complete each goal. Maybe that will further motivate me…..

  1. Sleep: Sleepytime tea every night, No caffeine after 5pm (I know that’s later than professionals recommend, but I barely function without caffeine…a battle for another week, perhaps), Total darkness (yes, goodbye to my nightlight….definitely sleeping with my feet under the covers…), Relaxation candles burning half an hour before sleep, In bed by 10:00, asleep by 11:00.  Hopefully, this will have me waking up to my first alarm, ending the terribly unhealthy cycle of snoozing 50 times, then waking up exhausted as hell.
  2. Eatin’ Good: No pastas (unless veggie,) Meal prepping chicken and veggies for dinner, Chicken detox soup with leftover chicken, Salads with light balsamic dressing, Homemade kale chips for study snacks, no white carbs (rice or bread), La Croix instead of soda, Only two coffees a day, Limited dairy (for my crappy stomach’s sake,) Protein bars for breakfast if no time for eggs&fruit
  3. Bedroom: This will be the hardest for me, by far. My room is rarely clean. It’s usually scattered with clothes, coffee cups, textbooks, and all the other sh*t I accumulate each week. This week, though, I will: Take all dishes with me every time I leave the room, Put all clothes in dresser or in hamper, and Kinda sorta make my bed (I don’t sleep well in a tightly made bed.) My room is so much cozier when it’s clean; why can’t I keep it that way?!?!
  4. Prescription: Put in planner to do Tuesday between classes. JUST DO IT.  (I’ve been putting this off for a month- pathetic.)

We gon’ get all this done. Then, next week, we cleanin’ the ‘ole automobile. 

Random Assortment of Messy Thoughts for the Week

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