Does anyone ever actually reach their goals?

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!
I meant to post this yesterday, but that Monday damn near killed me. So here we are.

Checking back in on my goals for last week, which were:
1. Get a good, seven hours of sleep each night
2. Eat as clean as possible, very little carbs/processed food
3. Keep my bedroom clean
4. Stop at health center to fill prescription

1. I crushed this goal. I didn’t know it was possible to feel energized all day, but I have found the light. Every night (aside from the nights I had sleepovers) I was in my bed by 10:30, asleep before 11:30. I turned down the lights and let candles illuminate the room, shut off my computer, drank my sleepytime tea, and read until my eyes grew too tired. I got out of bed without snoozing, and didn’t even need my usual 3pm redbull. I’m not kidding. This is real.

2. Eating clean. Well, you all know how this goes. I did fairly well with this goal. I ate very few carbs, tons of veggies, and made my first kale chips. The problem is, after a couple glasses of wine, I’m all for taquitos. But life’s about balance…right? 🙂

3. My bedroom is clean!!! I didn’t let coffee cups stack up on my nightstand, I threw away all the junk on my windowsill, and I put my clothes in the hamper. Let me tell you, a clean room is worth the time– makes it easier to go to sleep, and to wake up. Now I need to learn how to actually fold my laundry once it’s clean.

some of my favorite trinkets in my (clean) room;

4. I did not pick up that prescription. I’m not even going to make excuses for this. I just didn’t do it. Now going on five weeks since I was supposed to pick this up. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Maybe this week.


“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

-Mark Twain

What a guy. Honestly. I’m with him. 


Next weeks goals:

  1. Continue to keep bedroom clean; fold laundry
  2. Continue to eat clean; start drinking water regularly; soda only on weekends
  3. Beginning to cut out hard liquor 

I was going to clean my car this week (if you know me, it’s a disaster…), but I have a busy week ahead with schoolwork and Erica’s wedding this weekend, so I’m going to just stick with these three goals.

No use adding more stress to the ‘ole schedule. 


I challenge you to focus on some goals for yourself!

Have a great week, everyone! 

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