Fall Wish List

I’m in college, and therefore, have little loose spending money. But hey, a girl can dream, right? So this week, I’m making a fall wish list. Maybe if I can’t have all my dream items this fall, you can! 🙂


1. Candles!!!  These are the three cozy, fall candles I have burning this season. (Okay, this isn’t a wish because I already did buy them…BUT I had a gift card! 🙂 I just thought they were worth sharing. I firmly believe candles can change my mood. My three currently: relax, flannel, and vanilla birch 

2. I absolutely love when it gets chilly outside. I’d argue that there’s nothing better than cozying up on the couch with a hot cup of cider and a cozy blanket. Click HERE for the chunky knit fall blanket I’m dreaming of. Doesn’t that fabric just look so cozy?!

3.  My friends and I are having a friendsgiving, and I’d love to be able to buy THIS beautiful serving tray for it. How cute is that?! (they also have one that says “let it snow” if you think you’d get more use out of that one.) Also, check out THIS plaid table runner. It looks crazy adorable with the serving tray.

4. Fall is the beginning of SWEATERS. I love the kind of chunky cardigans that you can wear over almost anything. THIS is my favorite one I’ve seen so far this fall. (I might actually use the little spending money I do have on this one…. 🙂 )

5. Goodbye iced coffee, helloooooo warm and cozy coffee. I think these three mugs are adorable, and perfect for that cozy cup of joe: perfectly on point , a little glimmer to start your day , or one that’s simply cozy .


6. It was a hot, hot summer, so now I’m hoping for a chilly fall and cold winter. *fingers crossed* I just love when you get to get all bundled up and feel so cute and cozy. I think THIS scarf would be perfect for wearing to and from work.

7. Last, but not least: the best ankle boots. I always feel unsure about black boots- they can look a little piratey. But I LOVE THIS pair. (They also come in a light brown.)


Gosh, I love Target. Someday, when I have a real salary, I’m going to have to create a separate Target budget each month, especially when the seasons start changing. 🙂

(P.S. free shipping if you spend $35 🙂 ) 

One last thing: If you’re shopping to Target, do you have their Redcard? Every time I check out, they offer it to me, and I always say no because I don’t want another credit card and I just want to get out of the store. But I’ve been looking into it, and you can get a debit card instead of a credit card! You save 5% on everything every single time you shop AND you get free shipping when you shop online (which is awesome because I HATE paying for shipping.) AND it’s free. Why haven’t I gotten this?! I found a place online you can get one, rather than awkwardly when you’re at the checkout. If you wanna join me and get one too, CLICK HERE . Seriously you guys, why not? $5 back for every $100 you spend. And come on, we all spend way more than that at Target… 🙂 

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