My First Steps Towards Minimalism

2018!!  Resolutions!!  Be better!!  What can I change?!

Ahh, the new year can be a beautiful fresh start. It also can be one huge, daunting expectation to improve overnight. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty darn sure that I can’t change anything about myself overnight. So I didn’t bother with specific resolutions this year. Back in November, I started thinking about making a New Year’s resolution to workout in 2018. Then I realized how ridiculous it was to wait two months to start. So I just started in November. To me, if you want to make a change, you should do it as soon as the desire arises. Then, your motivation is intrinsic, which is stronger than simply doing it because it’s a resolution.

Soooo what?

With all this said, I want to veer towards minimalism. This morning, I was hurrying to get ready for work, and couldn’t find a single thing I needed. All of the sudden, I felt like I was in slow motion, noticing for the first time how much CRAP is in my bedroom. Everywhere I looked was covered in random stuff. There are bins and tubs filled with stuff I haven’t looked at in years. There are clothes I haven’t worn in years covering the floor. (Why are they on the floor if I haven’t worn them in years, you ask? Couldn’t tell ya.)

On the way to work, I imagined my room organized with only the things I use and need regularly. The vision literally brought a smile to my face. This smile was instantly followed by an overwhelming dread imagining actually going through all that crap. But you know what? I’m going to do it. I’ve been reading a little about minimalism, and this is my biggest inspiration so far-

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.”   – Christina Scalise

Have you ever read anything more real/depressing?! That might’ve been the final straw for me. I want my bedroom to be my haven. I want all the focus to be on the things I value most. My room is going to be the place for ultimate relaxation. All of the crap is going.



minimalism clean organize 2018
closet floor (bottom left corner are tubs on tubs of stuff I haven’t even opened in years)


Okay, now that it’s done, I do want to admit that it was a lot harder than I expected. I ended up having to write on my mirror “let it go” to continuously remind myself to get rid of things. I also thought I should share the hardest things to get rid of. (Perhaps I’m writing them here to still keep them somehow… but whatever. In real life, they’re in the trash/going to charity.)

  • a ring pop from an uber driver in Chicago
  • a shirt I think is ugly and have never worn but someone gave me
  • a pack of unopened highlighters I got after graduating high school 4 years ago
  • a ping pong ball that looks like an eyeball
  • a 3-hole punch (where did I even get that…)

Okay one more thing- while I was cleaning, I finally found my gradual tanning lotion I lost last year!! I LOVE it so much and was so excited to find it that I decided to share it on here with you guys. Instead of rubbing on brown goo, it’s more like lotion that tans you slowly over time. I’ve really turned against tanning beds (because cancer!!!) and this is my favorite winter alternative. Seriously, this is one of my all-time favorite beauty purchases.  Click on the lotion to check it out for yourself. 🙂


Two trashbags of donations and three trashbags of trash, and I feel great. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. Maybe next I’ll do my car…? Has anyone else purged their belongings lately?!


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