How I Feel Strong, Beautiful, and Healthy Every Single Day

Have you ever wandered through Walgreens and seen the ridiculous array of supplements you could take? I have always had trouble knowing what vitamins and supplements to take. It always felt like the more reading I did, the more unsure I became. Which multivitamin? Fish oil? Biotin? Iron? Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Vitamin A…?! 

I finally have found a healthy routine that does wonders for my 22-year old body, and so I’m going to share that with you!


I start every morning with three different things:


1. Vitafusion Vitamins for Women

These are a generic multivitamin, with an emphasis on metabolism and bone support for us ladies. (They also make one for men.) They contain Biotin, which helps with healthy hair, skin, and nails. I prefer the gummy version, because it feels like I get a little gummy candy every morning. 🙂 Seriously, I get bummed if I forget to take it.


VitaFusion Women’s Multivitamin, Adult Gummy Vitamins, 220 Gummies – $16.79


2. Iron Supplements

Because I insist on taking gummy vitamins, I miss out on my iron. So every day, I also take an iron supplement. I’ve always been low on iron, which makes me sleepy. Taking these every day really helps me feel bright eyed and bushy-tailed all day long. I take Nature Made iron supplements, which I buy from Walgreens.


healthy iron supplement


3. Turmeric!!!

This is a new thing for me, but it’s gaining popularity right now, and I’m really into it. Turmeric helps with inflammation, immune support, antioxidants, brain function (memory), arthritis, depression, aging, and supposedly cancer. So basically, what doesn’t it do? Why wouldn’t you take it?! I have been taking these pills below, but I also have tried Megafood’s Daily Turmeric Powder in my coffee, and that works well, too. Once I’m out of these pills, I’ll probably switch back to the powder. It’s tasteless, but it doesn’t dissolve completely in coffee, so if that bothers you, go for the pills! Regardless, I think everyone should start taking turmeric yesterday.


healthy turmeric benefits


There you have it, folks! 

I love my body, and I want to keep it as healthy as possible for as long as possible. This is the same body I’ll have 60 years from now, and I want to treat it that way! Taking supplements/vitamins every morning is such an easy way to love yourself.


“Your health is an investment, not an expense.”



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