What Made Me Start Blogging

I cannot tell you how many times my girlfriends and I have sat around a bottle of wine, listing all the things we are trying to balance… sleep, exercise, social time, studying, our jobs, healthy eating, and of course, Netflix time. Oh, and time for wine. (We never seem to have trouble fitting in wine night…) It’s all incredibly stressful. I have been dumbfounded for the last three years of college about how I am supposed to have the best lifestyle possible. You’re telling me I need eight hours of sleep, to exercise for an hour a day, a couple hours for homework, a few hours for classes, time to meal-prep/grocery shop, time to relax with my pal Netflix, work at least 20 hours a week, and then still have time left for my friends, and maybe even family?! It seemed impossible. I can’t tell you how many Pinterest boards I have about eating healthy, working out, good study habits, good sleep, quotes about heartbreak, traveling plans..the list goes on and on. I pin all this junk, and then never actually go back to read any of it. Why? Because there’s no time!!!!

If I could have the ideal, perfectly balanced life, this would be my day-

11pm-7am: Sleep (a nice 8 hours…. HA!)

7am: coffee and a healthy, balanced breakfast 

8am-2pm: classes (healthy lunch/studying) and then more classes

2pm-6pm: work at a soul-sucking, part-time job

6pm: healthy, balanced dinner

7pm-8pm: workout

8pm-9pm: homework

9pm-10pm: hang with friends (or more homework)

10pm-11pm: Netflix alone

then back to bed

Looks perfect. Got it all in.

Oh, but what if I need to grocery shop? What if I have an appointment to schedule? What if my mom wants to come down for dinner? What if my friends want to go see a movie? What if I have a huge paper to write? What if I need to do laundry? There are literally no hours left. What do I nix? Avoiding healthy eating or working out will make me feel crappy. Avoiding school stuff is a big no. Letting go of my social time or Netflix time might make me go insane. Lose the sleep???

My point here, is that college is hard, and not just because of your classes. Almost daily, the real world chews you up and spits you back out. There you are, all dripping in saliva, covered in bite marks, unsure which way is up. And boom! Time to forget about that, and get to the gym for your 7pm spin class.

Did I mention mental health??? That too. You need to be happy and carefree all the time, too.

If any of this makes any sense to you, follow me on this journey as I try to tell you a little what I’ve learned so far (mostly through mistakes) and hang with me as I move forward, seeking the best Millennial life I can have.

There are lots of mom blogs, lots of blogs for cooking and babies and for households, but what about us? We are the blindest of the blind. Not that I can see better than any other college student, but I’m hoping we can at least get to talking, Maybe together, we can figure out this perfectly “balanced” Millennial life.

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  1. Meghan

    September 19, 2017 at 4:31 am

    This is perfect

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