Method Cycle and Crafthouse; Lincoln, NE

You know those beautiful-aesthetic, coffee shop Instagram posts that make you yearn to travel to a big city? Method can give you that, right here in good ‘ole Lincoln, Nebraska. The first time I went to Method, I was almost intimidated by how incredible it was. I felt like I wasn’t cool enough to even be in there. Now, I go once a week and most of the baristas know me by name. This isn’t to say I got cooler, but that I learned that the people there are so down-to-earth and friendly. Seriously, they are incredible. Their walls are always covered with art from a featured local artist, which I love. It’s a great way to encourage people to shop local, and it’s neat that their decor changes every month.

beer bike coffee
Photo from Method’s Instagram

Method always has 13 local craft beers on tap, and they change out every month or so. Most of them are from Nebraska, Colorado, and a few other surrounding states. Craft beer has recently become one of my favorite things, and so this is easily my favorite thing to get at Method. They always have a nice variety, usually at least one wheat beer, fruity beer, a sour, a stout, and an ale. Click Here for their current tap list!


If you walk to the back of the shop, you’ll see the cycle shop: “We offer a carefully curated selection of the some of the finest bicycles, parts, accessories, and gear available, but even more importantly we offer the experience, attention to detail, and individual service to help you get the most from your ride.” It’s pretty sweet. Every once in a while, the bar is filled with the local bicyclist community, which even though I’m not a part of, I think is totally cool.


Coffee! They are also a coffee shop. They serve incredible lavender lattes, and always have a seasonal drink going. This is no Starbucks. Each drink is made slowly and carefully, and the drink itself is a piece of art by each barista. I’m a big fan of their mocha, and I also really like their chai latte.

Lastly, I wouldn’t be doing them justice if I didn’t mention my favorite part- the leige waffles. These are only offered on the weekend until noon. I’m just going to give you their description, because it’s flawless, “We allow our extra-buttery brioche 24-48 hours to rise, then mix in Belgian pearl sugar and cook each waffle to order for a perfect caramelized shell with a hint of vanilla. Served with fresh fruit, house-made whipped cream, Vermont maple syrup, and Nutella.” Nutella is my ultimate weakness. These waffles covered with Nutella and syrup just kill me. It’s the best way to start a Saturday.

waffles lincoln nebraska
Photo from Method’s Instagram


Shopping/eating/drinking local is important to me; I love the idea of supporting Lincoln’s little local community. I’d rather do my homework here than at Starbucks any day- way better coffee, and a nicer atmosphere. This is also my favorite spot to sit and have a beer with someone, whether that be my parents, a close friend, or even a complete stranger I’m meeting for the first time. Something about the vibe in Method just makes you want to sit and talk for hours, which is one of my absolute favorite things. So, if you’re looking for a new place to try in Lincoln, I’d recommend Method a thousand times over. And hey, if you go, let me know what you think!


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