My First Bachelorette Party

My bestest friend from elementary school is getting married! Terrifying. Are we even old enough for that???

Regardless- I am the maid of honor, so the Bachelorette Party fell into my lap. Having never attended a bachelorette party, my only vision of one had come from movies, Instagram, and Pinterest. Let me tell you- you could spend a lot of time and money on one of these hooplas.

Being a broke college gal, I didn’t have money to fly us to Vegas, or to buy a billion phallic decorations. I had money to buy her a “bride-to-be” sash, a “bachelorette” tiara, dinner, (my mom actually ended up paying for dinner…..thanks mom🙂 and drinks galore.

I spent so much time searching through “bachelorette party” tags on Instagram that I didn’t even realize how little any of the details would matter. After a few drinks, all we cared about was whispering about nearby boys, considering what marriage will actually be like, and laughing uncontrollably. We ended up at an old, crappy Karaoke bar. These bar-goers were mostly 50-60, aside from us. It was one of the most fun nights of my life. I can guarantee that no Pinterest pins would advocate for ditching the hip bars to watch (and join) old folks sing Karaoke, but I’m definitely an advocate.

inseparable since the 3rd grade

She looked beautiful, she’s marrying her soulmate, we had fun, and we got to sing our hearts out. Sounds like a successful celebration to me. Maybe by the time my next friend gets married, I’ll be able to afford matching shirts. But really, in ten years, no one will remember or care about what they wore that night.

In ten years, all I’ll remember is belting out Sweet Caroline across a dark, dirty bar, with the biggest grins on our faces. 

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