Seeking that Happy

Happiness. It’s what we’re all searching for, isn’t it? I have been on one big search for happiness for the last few years, and I’m beginning to realize that happiness isn’t a destination, but instead, the journey itself. Perhaps rather than seeking happiness, I should relish in the times I am happy. So, here are ten things I can do that I know will bring me happiness.


Ten things that always make me happy:
  1. Drinking a beer with a good friend at Methods Cycle and Crafthouse
  2. Cooking with wine and Frank Sinatra
  3. Going out for brunch on Sunday morning
  4. Spending the afternoon in the sunshine
  5. Watering my plants
  6. Looking through pictures from my Africa trips
  7. Having a clean bedroom
  8. Singing to oldies music in the shower
  9. Going to a fun workout class with a friend
  10. Petting a dog, any dog, all the dogs, every dog



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