“She totally photoshopped that.”

In one of my classes this semester, we had a debate over whether people portray themselves accurately on the internet. Most people agreed that we portray ourselves semi-accurately, depending on our audience. For example, almost everyone agreed that what they would post on Facebook/LinkedIn is different than what they’d post on Snapchat/Instagram. What people didn’t agree on, however, is how they feel about people editing their photos before they post them.

All Natural
Teeth Whitened.Bald Spot Covered.Filter


Now days, you absolutely could photoshop a photo of a person beyond recognition. But you also can just tweak a few things (shown above.) For example, when I’m about to post a photo on Instagram, I may do any, or all, of the following: whiten my teeth, add a few filters, erase red patches or pimples, crop it so it doesn’t show unflattering limbs, delete fly aways, maybe even smooth over a lumpy stomach. My argument to you is: What’s it to ya? 

So what if someone wants their photo to have whiter teeth? So what if they have dog ears on their head from a flattering snapchat filter? So what if they feel more confident if they erase that huge zit on their forehead? When I post a picture, it’s partly because I’ll want to look back on it and remember that day. Do I really want to look back and see that zit, and be reminded how self-conscious I was about it all day? OR I could look back and remember how much I laughed that day. 

“That’s so fake. That’s not even you, then?”

Definitely still me. That zit did not define me. That fly-away hair does not make up the person that I am. Those are results of having skin, and a windy day. I am still the same me before and after editing those out.

Still me
Still me
That’s me, too
Yep, still me


Final thought- As long as I love the in-person-zits-no-makeup-t-shirt me, I think it’s just fine to love the filtered-photoshopped me. 

So, can we all agree to stop saying: “She’s so fake, she photoshopped that.” Because honestly, she looks great, and she’s obviously confident enough to post it…




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